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I'm Larry McBurney



I was born and raised in central Iowa, so Iowa values are instilled in me. I grew up off Douglas Road and attended Des Moines North High School.  


I served 11 years in the Iowa Air National Guard as a Weapons Armament Technician and served three tours overseas in support of our great nation during which I have obtained the Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, and many others. Today, I am an Assistant Vice President - Business Support Consultant at Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. where I focus on providing feedback to internal partners on identifying key areas of process improvement.


I'm an avid Iowa State Cyclones fan and enjoy watching all of our student-athletes compete across the spectrum!  I also enjoy watching professional football during the weekends in the fall.  My fiancé and I both enjoy being active in the community where we volunteer with organizations such as UCAN, Meals from the Heartland, Filipino American Society, and organized the Urbandale Get Out The Vote in Precinct 11.  When we're at home, we're usually working on house projects and spending time with our four-legged daughter Sophia, the fierce six-pound Maltese.


Because Urbandale's future is being built today.

 My goal as a city councilman is simple: Prepare Urbandale for the future while maintaining the strong family values that define this great community. I want to ensure every resident in this city has the resources available to them to live without worry about workforce housing or decaying infrastructure. I want to set this city up to be the pinnacle of renewable and reusable energy to reduce the overall costs that we see climbing annually. I want to bring those that serve us back into our community and enrich our landscape.


Fiscal Responsibility

We have been focusing on doing the same things over and over which yields archaic results at a higher price.  Instead, we should refocus our efforts on new and emerging technology that will allow us to conserve resources over time and reallocate those towards platforms that allow our citizens to build upon.  We also need to take this opportunity to ask for bids from contractors that give us what we need as a city as opposed to what works best for contractors.  This will require detailed conversations with our city engineer, but they will be constructive conversations.

Every financial decision made today will need to be made knowing the potential impacts they have on tomorrow.  Over $260,000,000 will be spent over the next 10 years on replacing roads and street lamps using the same practices construction companies have been using for prior generations with the majority of the profit going towards the owners.  This does nothing to boost our local economy or encourage residents to further invest in our community.

Renewed Infrastructure

Improving our stormwater and wastewater management should be a critical issue for everyone in Urbandale.  Iowa is #4 in the nation in flooding and our outdated infrastructure is insufficient to handle the levels of water we’ve seen recently.  We need to work with experts to determine the most cost-efficient, but also urgent, plan to replace our decaying system.  This means paying today for the mistakes of yesterday, but not doing so means we'll pay more tomorrow by not acting today.


In addition, we need to be at the forefront of renewable and reusable energy resources for our public structures.  Geothermal and solar panels are at the top of the list, but shouldn’t be the end of it.  As we set the example for others in our community, we can be sure that businesses and communities will follow suit in our goal for a healthier tomorrow.

Build Community Bridges

A bridge is only as good as the foundation on which it is built.  Urbandale has the strong foundation and the will to build the bridges, now we need to act on that will.  We are the only Greater Des Moines community with ONE workforce housing complex.  Johnston has 4, Ankeny has 11, Norwalk has 4, and Altoona has 7.  Our inability to meet our communities’ needs is why we are losing outstanding citizens to our neighboring cities.  30% is the expected amount of income that should be set aside for housing otherwise you’re considered rent overburdened.  37% of households who rent fit that criteria in Urbandale today.

As your Urbandale city councilman, I will ensure every resident in this city has access to workforce housing.  I will bring a renewed focus to our crumbling and decaying infrastructure will catapulting us to the forefront of renewable and reusable energy.  I will manage our money like our community expects: responsibly.  Most importantly, I will work hard to ensure that all residents of Urbandale will have their voices heard.

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